“Hey, thanks for the free book! But how else are you going to entice me?”

We all like bonuses. Think about your last trip to any major retailer and what influenced your purchasing decision? Might it have been a bonus? Sure, you wanted the toaster, but when they threw in the extra knife set and mixing bowls, you just couldn’t pass it up. You had a certain FOMO going.

What are you giving away BESIDES your book?

What are you giving away BESIDES your book?

Remember, you actually wanted to buy a toaster. But which toaster? Even if the toaster isn’t the best one, but it has all of those “free” bonuses, it’s going to sway your decision.

Let’s bring it back to your book. If it’s one of your first, you might already be giving that away for free. But let’s face it, you really just want readers, reviewers and bodies that still breathe in and out to hold your book in your hands and give you a chance. So how are you going to get that book into their hands?


If your first thought is, “But I don’t know what I’d give them!” you’re in luck. In our Book Sales Page course, we go through loads of options for your books–whether non-fiction (easier) or fiction (harder, but not impossible). It might just take a little out of the box thinking.

How are you going to know if it works? We can set up some split testing and compare how many people take you up on your offer (your free book or your free book + a bonus) and then we’ll know. It would be kinda nice to just know, wouldn’t it?