When you know which tool to use, the job becomes a whole lot easier.

In the old days … remember Photoshop? Crazy powerful design and photo editing graphics tool. Can do just about anything with it–almost everything. But you need to read the manual, you need to get the hang of it, you need to learn and experiment and play and … ideally enjoy that kind of thing.

But you just want a book cover.

Every Single Day

Every Single Day

I know. I get it. In fact, maybe you just want a book cover as a temporary holding position for the book you may or may not write. I get it. Been there, done that. What if you spent under 10 minutes creating a cover that at least worked for the time being? Who knows, creating this cover might inspire a new angle on the book or maybe it will even motivate you to, you know, finish writing it. Crazy, I know.

What if there were an online graphics tool that I could show you that could help you go from blanko, zippo, nada nothing, maybe an idea in your brain and turn that into a professional book cover that would wow even your literary neighbor?

Then I told you that you could access that service right now, online and I’d even show you exactly how I built a cover for my book. I can hear you, I know, I get it. You’re mumbling, “Yeah, sure. How much is that going to cost me!?” HINT: it costs nothing.

Now, let’s get real with expectations. Did I mention that this was going to be an award-winning cover? No. Did I say that this would immediately shower you with money flowing in from unstoppable book sales? Uh uh. How about the part when I said that you didn’t have to do anything, not even think about a background image or maybe a book title and in fact you didn’t even have to write the book because this service will do that too? Yeah, didn’t say that.

Here’s 3 minutes of your life. It’s actually closer to 2, but I dilly dallied. I dare you to go build the book cover for your book. Did I mention writing your book? No, just the cover. See how that feels. Then we can talk about writing and putting together a fantasmical Book Sales Page that will help you sell more books because you’re going to look like a pro.

So, you know, you got that going for you. Which is nice.