Your book is about to hit the (digital) shelves. Have you created your book trailer yet?

YouTube fans might never hear of your book if you don’t make a trailer. People who are more visual in their reaction to marketing and advertising might only connect with you if it’s in a video format. You might just never know who’s watching if you don’t give them something to watch.

Since book trailers are still pretty new and not every book has one, your book has the chance to make a much stronger impression on a potential reader. — Marisol Dahl of The Write Life

Like any part of your Book Marketing Plan, it’s a question of risk and reward. The risk of time and investment and the potential reward of books sold, recognition and viral marketing.

But do Book Trailers actually work?

The answer lies in the mysteries of most of any marketing campaign: probably! If it’s done right! If it’s in front of the right audience! If the message is clear!

You get the idea. The bottom line is that it couldn’t hurt and the process will most likely help you refine your message anyway as you tell your story in a new medium. Below are some tips for building your own as well as some examples of Book Trailers we found built in different ways.

What’s your experience with book trailers? Have they worked for you? A total bomb? Let us know in the comments.

Looking to make your own book trailer? Here’s how:

Example Book Trailers

The PowerPoint Special

Even if it’s just you and your Microsoft PowerPoint, you can create something that goes onto YouTube. Is it going to win an Oscar for best sound editing? Probably not. But it might win a new reader or two!

Let Your Kids Do It

This is a kids’ book written together with the kids. This one was created by a 12-year old and iMovie on his iPad. Enticed to read the book?

The Book Trailer Design Agency

Gather some relevant text, describe what you want and pay.

The Produced and Directed Promotional Video

Get to the heart of what your book is about, hire a producer, director, graphic designer and media team and you’re on your way to a powerful Book Trailer.