The Call To Action on your Book Sales Page is crucial to how many books you sell. Are you using it wisely?

Do you know what you want visitors to do once they read your Book Sales Page? The simplest answer would be: To buy my book! But there are many other functions of a call to action:

  1. Sign up for your mailing list,
  2. Write a review for your book,
  3. Get your book for free (in return for their email address, a review, etc.),
  4. Like or follow your Facebook page or other social media,
  5. Share a post,
  6. Or do something completely different.

You get the idea. Depending on your situation, buying the book might not be what you most want from a visitor to your site.

If you’re writing books to sell books, you need a strong, clear and convincing Call To Action. What is it you want your visitors to do exactly? If you don’t know, they certainly won’t know.

How do you know what Call To Action to use? If it’s not “Buy Now” then what is it? It usually depends on where you are in the process. Are you just getting started, have three books under your belt or are now touring on a speaking circuit and your book is secondary? Whatever the case, you’re still going to want a clear Call To Action to help guide your visitors towards what you would most like them to do.

Guidelines to consider when perfecting your Call To Action:

  1. Size: especially in comparison to what’s around it.
  2. Color: does it stand out or blend in? Which colors are most likely to help them click?
  3. Placement: where on the screen (desktop and mobile) is the ideal place for your call?
  4. Number: can you have more than one CTA? If so, how can you rank them hierarchically?
  5. A/B Split testing: do you know which CTAs work better than others? There’s only one way to know: test!

In our Book Sales Page course, we’ll go over the different types of calls to action, how and when to use what and tools to help you build them. We’ll also dive further into how to tell which CTAs are working–and which to toss into the trash can icon.