What if getting from careless to careful to carefree was just a tweak?

You know you’re close. You can feel it. Almost touch it. But you just can’t quite get there.

Let’s get you there.

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Adwynna MacKenzie

Adwynna MacKenzie

Writer & Speaker

Adwynna helps people get to C.

They might come to her saying they want to get from A to B and sure, she can help them with that. But her real talent lies in getting people to go beyond what they even thought possible: from A to beyond B to C.

Let’s rewrite that: from A to beyond B to See.

“Subtle power.” Ray Reviewer

Adwynna combines 20 years of experience in the health, wellness and sports industries with a background in high technology sales and marketing, notably as a sales director for Dell Computer. She left the corporate world to bring a mind/body healing technique called NDT™ to Canada, a journey that evolved into a successful wellness practice.