Book Sales Page

The one-stop-shop for everything about your book.



Amazon, B&N, Google, a napkin. Where’s the best place to collect the best reviews for your book? On your Book Sales Page.


The one-stop-shop for everything about your book. One book, one URL.


You can’t capture your fan’s email address on Amazon or Facebook. This will be the hub where you have direct access to your readers.


If you build it right, Google searches should end up with your page on top. Maybe even above Amazon and Goodreads. Then you have the power.


Each week we sit down and review a Book Sales Page together. Learn what a great book sales page looks like, and the missing elements you should add to yours.

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Book Sales Page Course

Learn how to build a book sales page that actually sells books!

Done for you Book Sales Page

Don’t want to build your book sales page yourself? We’ll step in and create one for you using our proven formula.

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If you’re an author, your book(s) need a book sales page. Find out how you can get one.