Because sometimes, you just need a break.

Keeping up with the Kardashians is nothing compared to keeping up with a larger-than-life toddler. For all of those moments when you just need a break, here is everything you need to create over 40 simple, portable activities you can pull out for your child any time, anywhere!



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The toddler years are not for the faint of heart, amiright?

Raising a toddler is simultaneously the most rewarding, wondrous, dizzying, and terrifying adventure I’ve ever been on. Don’t get me wrong– I love being home with my boys! Sometimes, however, I just need a break.

And I don’t think I’m the only one out there.

I want to empower other moms with the skills I’ve learned to both have that break and to help their children develop. Just Give Me 10 Minutes! is a compilation of 40 fun, portable, easy activities that will both encourage independent play and teach your kiddo valuable skills!

Just Give Me 10 Minutes!  includes:

– No-nonsense instructions, materials lists, and photos for every activity

– Variations to expand on activities

– A Skills Index and Prep Time Index

– A Mega Materials List

– Almost 50 pages of original printable templates!

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If You’re a Mom of Young Kids Who:

-Loves spending time with your kids but just needs a break every now and then

-Struggles to balance the demands of life, family, and self

-Wants to raise independent children

-Is ready to have some Alone Time without feeling guilty

-Wants new ways to teach valuable skills without a ton of effort

…Then this eBook Will Help you:

– Understand and utilize Busy Bags

– Easily encourage independence and creativity

– Teach your toddler skills related to reading, math, writing, and more without even thinking about it

– Finally get shiz DONE in your home or business without feeling guilty

– Take a breather on hard days!

Praise for Just Give Me 10 Minutes!

Using the activities outlined in this little gem, I was actually able to carve out HOURS each day to work through my to-do-list in peace! This book is truly a must-have for busy parents. Not only will you keep your child busy while you work, but they will also be actively engaged in fun and healthy developmental activities. I will be regularly using ideas from this book. I love it!

Briana Marie

Mom and Blogger, Major League Mommy

We have done just a few of the activities in the book and they have been great. My boys are having fun, fighting less, and learning! Plus, I’m getting more done so it’s a win-win. They will definitely come in handy during the summer when my kiddos are home during the day with me!

Kecia Hambrick

Mom and Blogger, From Mom's Desk

Katie knows the real deal of the busy life of a mom who works from home and hence her ideas are effortless, quick and kids-friendly.

Puspanjalee Das Dutta

Mom and Blogger, My Writing World

About Katie Davis

About Katie Davis

Author of Just Give Me 10 Minutes

Oh hey. I’m Katie, a nerdy mom to two boys: a wonderful whirlwind toddler and a chill, cuddly baby (and a spoiled cat). I’m an introvert, a Ravenclaw, an anime enthusiast, and an insatiable DIY-er. I have a low-key caffeine addiction and would gladly eat nothing but pizza for the rest of my life if given the chance.

I became a mom at the ripe old age of 21 and have had my fair share of joys and struggles. Because of this, I fully understand both the good and the bad of young motherhood. I run the blog Delightfully Frazzledwhere I share what I’ve learned along the way in the hopes of empowering other moms to embrace their own crazy adventure! Want the full story? Click right here.