When you’re starting out, it sounds like a dream. But at some point, your readers are going to want to know more.

Are you going to give it to them? (HINT: Yes, you are.)

So how are you going to do it? How do they know where to go? Where are they going to find out more about your characters? Remember, they might not (yet) care about you, dear author, they want to know more about what really happened in the deepest darkest thoughts of your heroine just as the book was coming to its climax.

Your readers want to know more. You don’t have to give away the farm, but you want to keep them happy and feed their curiosity. Enter the Book Sales Page.

On your Book Sales Page, you might have an FAQ or maybe even character sketches where you describe your characters as best you know–it might even be a good exercise for your character development. Maybe you build out pages for each of your characters and open the pages up for comments to let your readers sound off about who they like, who they love and who they want to see killed off with no mercy. You never know. Well, actually you really will never know if you don’t have a Book Sales Page where your readers can find out more.

If the information is out there, your readers can choose to read it and interact with it. If it’s not out there, they no longer have a choice.

Give your readers a choice. Plus, I bet you can’t wait to write about what the heroine was really thinking just before the book’s climax.