You just want to “get something up there.”

Let’s see what you need to get started with your first Book Sales Page.

I write this as I got bogged down myself working on the extended, super duper, dance remix, extra long version of the Book Sales Page for my upcoming book “Every Single Day.” Sure, that page is going to have every bell and whistle, but here’s the problem: I’m not done with it.

This, coming from the co-founder of the Book Sales Page Course!

But that’s exactly it, isn’t it? A big course takes time and energy, costs and materials, focus and patience. What if there were a simple, “Log in and import” type system to build a really simple Book Sales Page? It’s crazy that even I need it, but it makes me think that there are other authors out there who also need it. I’m comfortable installing WordPress and configuring the DNS for the subdomain. Yeah, what? Exactly: who cares! Just help me get my Book Sales Page up!

So that’s what I’m aiming to do.

I’m going to build a super simple sales page and hand over everything you need to create it. We’ll keep the lessons and technology to a minimum and try to make it as plug and play as possible. Sound like a good idea?

It even sounds like a good idea to me!

“Could you just do it for me?”

That’s how I feel with some of what I’m learning right now. Even accounting. After so many years of running my own business, I still am a beginner when it comes to QuickBooks. Maybe it’s because I don’t care? 😉

But that’s how I know some of you feel. “Can’t you just make it really easy for me?”

Here’s what I’m shooting for:

  1. Sign up for the course (it doesn’t exist yet, that’s why there’s no link).
  2. Watch an intro video which will show you what’s needed and what you need to do.
  3. Do your homework: create a book cover, write a headline, fabricate a fantastic review.
  4. Log in, create a page, import.
  5. Replace what’s there with your content.
  6. Hit publish.

That’s 6 steps. Not bad, right? But truly, which one is going to take the longest? I’d guess it’s going to be #1: just signing up. We’re going to start it out at a friendly $0. That removes a barrier, right? What barriers are left? Yeah, I know, it’s a biggie.

Here are the modules for the full Book Sales Page course. Which are most important for a Mini BSP?

Maybe we need to make a quiz to get some votes. (Ooh, good idea. ;-))

If these are all of the elements of a full Book Sales Page, which are most important?

If these are all of the elements of a full Book Sales Page, which are most important?