Are you just shooting into the air and hoping you hit something or do you have, you know, a plan.

I just listened to a podcast that offered up a 192-point checklist for your book launch. Part of me thinks that if there are 192 things that I need to do in order to launch my book, maybe I should just take a job at the post office. Then it would be:

  1. Go to work.
  2. Come home from work.

There. That’s my 2-point checklist on my job.

I think I might last through Thursday.

There are so many moving parts in a book launch. Forget the writing and editing, that’s minor compared to what happens after you’re actually done. (Yeah, sorry, newbie writers–it’s just getting started now.)

I often feel like I’m also just shotgunning it and randomly hanging onto the latest and greatest marketing techniques to land in the laps of indie writers. Just today I:

  1. Wrote to some potential reviewers for my first book (The Secret of Kite Hill). Hint, hint, anyone looking for a witty little kids’ book?
  2. Designed a draft of a new cover for that same book.
  3. Listened to a Sell More Book Show podcast episode where they talked about Quidian, which, I think, leads to which seems to be maybe a Chinese-language (but soon to be in English) Wattpad. Who knows. Worth a look?

See what I mean? Shotgun.

The Book Sales Page

But most of those items could fit somewhere on my Book Sales Page. Reviews I can collect in the testimonials section. The new cover will prominently display at the top of the page–especially if it’s awesome. 😉 And the Quidian thing might be a place to pull in a feed from short works that might work well as eventually something to add to new readers as a bonus download.

What if I focused on creating the best possible Book Sales Page for my book and used it as my hub for the marketing for my book? If someone, whether a reader, partner, reviewer or publicist, wanted to know anything (and everything) about my book, I could just send them there.

Sniper? Strategy?

If the BSP became the strategy, I could keep expanding and improving the main headquarters of my book and everything would grow from that source.

Maybe it’s time to holster the shotgun and pull out the more specific strategies heading towards a single goal of one, central, powerful, beautiful hub for my book. The Book Sales Page.

Well, at least until that next shiny new thing comes along and I blast it to pieces.