Here’s a tip: go for a little more concrete.

I just set a launch date for my next book Every Single Day: October 17, 2017. When I set that date, it was exactly 6 months in the future. Now it’s 2 days later. That means it’s available in 5 months and 28 (or so) days.

See how that works? Every Single Day the deadline gets closer and don’t forget this part: every day you’ll now be working towards a set date in the future when your book will be written, edited, published and on the (digital) shelf for the hungry masses to gobble up.

Did you catch the part about “working towards a set date”?

Let’s see if we can bend time:

  • I’m going on vacation next week. Nope. October 17 is still going to happen after October 16.
  • This one guy I want to interview isn’t available until September and I don’t know if … Yeah, stop there. No one cares about your deadlines other than the one you set for the book launch. If your interviewee isn’t in there, he isn’t in there. The date won’t wait. (Ooh, I like that, “The Date Won’t Wait.”)
  • My hard drive crashed. Your university professor might let this one slide, but your audience will not. Good try, though. (TIP: search “Cloud Backups” in Google, lots of options.)

I give up. I can’t bend time. I can, however, bend it to work to my advantage. Now that I have a set date on a calendar, everything will work with me and for me to get it done by then. It just happens like that. No, really, it does.

Set a date and watch everything fall into place. Kinda like those sinkholes that just come up from nowhere. Except this is a good sinkhole, everything falls into place so your book is launched on your launch date.

Ready? Good. I thought so.

P.S. I also just added a new module into the Book Sales Page course on how to set up a Countdown Timer and I go on and on about how important it is. But you know that now. Right?

Is your book launch date "Someday" or a little more concrete?

Is your book launch date “Someday” or a little more concrete?